Update demo - main story - chapter 1 finished

I added several scenes to the main story line and I changed one scene in one of the alternate paths.

This now finally concludes what I consider to be chapter 1. I didn't put any indications in the story that a chapter starts or ends and that's because the events can be very different between different paths so that it's less clear where a chapter actually ends depending on which path you follow.  Some paths will skip entire chapters, meaning that certain characters will never appear there and some importants events will be completely missing.

The second chapter of the main story will center around one particular character but other paths chosen during chapter one will be significantly different.


7th-goddess-win-linux.zip 887 MB
Version 1.0 Nov 02, 2019
7th-goddess-osx.zip 870 MB
Version 1.0 Nov 02, 2019

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