Update demo - choices added to day 4

Day 4 has been the most complex for adding choices so far.  I did a lot of testing. I think it should be more or less fine already.  

There's one choice on day 4 where you are able to continue a totally different story development afterwards. This choice however doesn't always appear. It depends on which choices you made earlier.
On day 4 I also changed an important part of the dialogue compared to the kinetic version. A certain important story element will now be revealed only later. 

I also added a small animation on day 1 (similar to a new scene on day 4).


7th-goddess-win-linux.zip 887 MB
Version 1.0 Apr 26, 2019
7th-goddess-osx.zip 870 MB
Version 1.0 Apr 26, 2019

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